Weekend Brunch

Menu will be posted Wednesday.

Place orders by 6pm Thursday.
Pick up between 4 & 6 on Friday.
Heat & serve at your leisure!

Listed below are the standard items always available. Additional items will be listed when the menu posts.

Breakfast Flatbread $10.95 ($12.05 PayPal)
scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, vegetarian country gravy & cheddar on a house made flatbread crust *

Breakfast Burrito $7.95 ($8.75 PayPal)
scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, cheddar, tomatillo green chile sauce *

*Add ham, bacon or sausage $2.50 ($2.75 PayPal)
Add tomato, onion, bell peppers pepperoncini $0.80 ($0.88 PayPal)

Jalapeño Cheese Grits $4.95 ($5.45 PayPal)

Whole Quiche $36 ($39.60 PayPal)
meat or vegetarian

Tomato & Asiago Galette $25 ($27.50 PayPal)

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