Weekday Breakfast Menu

We are an independently owned cafe/deli/grocery.  With very few exceptions, we make everything in-house from scratch.  During the growing season we make every effort to utilize local produce.  Thanks for joining us!

Weekday Breakfast is served Monday through Friday from 7am to 11am

Baked French Toast ($9.95) : served with butter, real maple syrup & candied pecans

Breakfast Casserole ($9.95) : made with a bread base, an egg & cream custard, mushrooms & white cheddar, served piping hot & topped with sausage and vegetarian gravy

Breakfast Croissant ($7.95) : made to order with scrambled eggs, white cheddar & your choice of ham, bacon or tomato

Granola ($6.95) : house-made with oats, flax, almonds, cashews, pecans, apricots, cherries, cranberries & coconut.  Served with your choice of milk.

Scrambled Eggs & Toast ($4.95)

Quiche ($9.95) : varieties change daily, check specials page

Oatmeal ($5.95) : steel cut oats made to order, served with brown sugar, raisins & your choice of milk

Breakfast Flatbread ($10.95) : vegetarian country gravy, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes & white cheddar.  Add bacon or ham for $2.50 and veggies for $0.80 each.

Corned Beef Hash ($12.95) : house roasted corned beef brisket, potatoes & onions, served with scrambled eggs & toast

Roasted Veggie Hash ($12.95) : served with scrambled eggs & toast

Smothered Potatoes (9.95) : roasted potatoes, cheddar, scrambled eggs, green chili sauce, sour cream, and tortilla

Parfait ($6.95) : yogurt, house-made granola & fresh fruit

Honey Vanilla Yogurt ($5.45)

Muffins ($2.95) & Cinnamon Rolls ($3.95) : made fresh daily

Fruit Salad ($4.95) : selection of fresh cut fruit

Sides : roasted potatoes ($2.95), scrambled eggs ($2.95), bacon or sausage ($2.95), croissant ($2.50), toast ($2.50)

Extras : green chili sauce ($2.50), real maple syrup ($1.50), gluten free bread ($1.50), soy milk ($0.50)

Beverages : freshly brewed coffees, iced green tea, full menu of espresso drinks, selection of hot tea, a large selection of bottled & organic juices, bottled & canned sodas

Sweet Treats : All of our pies, cakes, cookies & other desserts are made fresh, in-house.  Selection and prices vary.

Whole Quiches, Cakes & Pies are available to pick up with sufficient advance notice as well as small scale catering & box lunches.

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