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10.14.11 Dinner Menu

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Dinner 10.14.11

Well, our first official dinner was a success!  Everyone left happy and full, and there were no tears in the kitchen.  All of our reservations showed up, I didn’t forget anyone’s order, and we didn’t drop any plates.  Our guests included couples and friends having a quiet dinner – one employee among them.  A couple celebrating 19 years together, and another couple having a romantic dinner date.  There was even an impromptu family reunion with 3 generations present.

{One of the things I love the most about this place is the cross section of people who find us.  The fact that so many types of people enjoy our food, feel comfortable in our atmosphere, and appreciate our hospitality humbles us greatly.  O.K., I’m done being gooey now.}

The Pork Loin was the surprise hit entree but the Butternut Squash Ravioli was a close second (and my personal favorite).  Those that had the Pan Fried Chicken though, were not disappointed.  And as good as it all tasted at 10:30 that night when we finally sat down to dinner, I can only imagine how good it was earlier.

Tomorrow morning we meet to start planning the next dinner on October 28th.  I’ll keep you posted as the menu develops, and if you have any suggestions or requests please send them my way.  We do have reservations open after 7:15, and if you’re interested please email me at

Thank you for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you.  XOXO Annie

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Heirloom Squash from Goode Acres

During the growing season, we get a majority of our produce from John Goode at Goode Acres.  In the late winter and early spring he starts bringing us slicer tomatoes for our salads and BLTs.  Then come the heirloom tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupes, purple peppers, red peppers, green beans, purple peas, new potatoes.  When he starts bringing in the winter squashes, we know it’s fall.  Currently we have a Hubbard, White Moon, Cinderella, Galeux d’Eysines,  Monster Buttercup, and plenty of Butternut.  Lovely centerpieces that cook up beautifully.  John suggested roasting hunks of squash wrapped in basil leaves with olive oil, salt and a little garlic.  Yum!  Here’s some interesting info and origin stories about the Blue Hubbard,  and a tasty (if slightly labor intensive) sounding recipe for the Galeux d’Eysines.  If you try it, make sure to let me know how it turns out!

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October 14th is full

We’re full up for the October 14th dinner, but we still have openings for October 28th, November 18th, and December 9th.  Please feel free to email me at to add you to our email list or to ask any questions.  I’ll answer them the best I can.  Thank You!  Annie

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Updated Dinner Dates & Info

We have added December 9th.

The 6:30 slot for October 14th is full.

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Honey Crisp Apples


I love apples, especially this time of year when they’re in season.  For the past few years though, I’ve lost interest with all the bland, mealy apples in the grocery stores.  I still get red delicious for apple sauce and we still try to go picking at least once a season, but that’s more of a chase-the-kids-around-the-orchard event than serious gathering.

This season though, my faith has been restored.  Earlier we got some Jonathans from John Goode at Goode Acres that were really tasty – certainly more flavorful than the store bought version.  But the real jewel has been the phenomenal Honey Crisp apples that have been coming from him.  They are everything an apple should be – sweet, tart, and crisp, full of apple flavor.  They’re perfect for cooking, baking, and just plain eating. 


We’ve used them for our house-made apple butter, the apple crostada, and we’ll feature them in the apple-pear-cranberry crisp for our dinner on the 14th.  They’ve practically been dinner at my house for the past week.  I’ve always assumed they were an heirloom variety that has recently regained popularity, but it turns out to be a new variety.  There’s some interesting info on this page.



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